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Johnnie Moore

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Charles Jennings gives a concise explanation of the 70:20:10 model for learning in organisations. It posits that most learning takes place “on the job” and about 20% through conversations with colleagues and networks. Only about 10% comes from formal training. Makes sense to me. My formal education was absurdly fixated on slabs of content and testing for content absorption. Quite a lot of training seems to fall into that trap too.

Hat tip: Harold Jarche who also spots this definition from Jay Cross:

Workscape: A metaphorical construct where learning is embedded in the work and emerges in “pull” mode. It is a fluid holistic process. Learning emerges as a result of working smarter. In this environment learning is natural, social, spontaneous, informal, unbounded, adaptive and fun. It involves conversation as the main ingredient.

When I do training with Viv, we barely refer to a manual and constantly get participants into practice – and into conversation with each other.

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