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Reboot 7 was one of the best events I attended last year and I’m looking forward to Reboot8. I really like how they’re describing the format.

50% conference 50% unconference

Allthough we love the meme of unconferences it’s not new to reboot. reboot has been a flirt between selforganisation and organisation the last couple of years. From the openspace format of reboot5 with 600 people with no agenda and only two speakers, the combined openspace and 7 speakers format of reboot6, to the pretty much one way format of reboot7 with 43 speakers. So yeah, hopefully we’re gonna nail the right mix this year 😉

50% broadcast, 50% interactivity

100% informal

Last year reboot learned that one of it’s core values is it’s informal vibe.

100% humble

We’re building on the shoulders of giants. No alpha male i’ve seen the next next unique thing, aren’t i’m clever at reboot

That sounds good to me, I’m happy to have some broadcast if there’s also a generous amount of Open Space. And a few hundred people sitting in a giant circle, I love that idea.

I also like what host, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, says in an email about how we talk about the new models emerging in Web 2.0:

“It feels like we more should think a lot about the emerging new models and how we can help shape them, instead of focusing on how the new models are superior to the current models.”

I think that is a great way of framing a discussion, one that invites us to act as co-creators of the future, rather than mere prophets deciding who “gets it” and who “doesn’t” as if there is some new truth that is revealed only to the most worthy.

Right now, the Reboot site is open to offers for topics, presentations and hostings. I am sure something rather wonderful will emerge. And I’m going to try and put in my two cents.

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