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Another stunning post from Patti Digh. I’d precis the story but it would diminish its impact.

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There’s more potential in each moment than we realise

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In denial…

Seth spotted this ad for troubled American Airlines: and comments Let’s say you run an airline with a horrible cost structure and you’re facing bankruptcy on an almost daily basis.

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Drury Lane Action

A good comment at 173 Drury Lane from Adrian Trenholm Sorry but I think “affinity” is another nonsense marketing word. “Convenience trust and service” should all be givens. Let’s get

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links for 2006-03-07

A Networked World: Complexity Beyond Belief Earl Mardle shares a story “that quietly boggles my mind. It shows as well the staggering flexibility of the human brain and the mind

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Here in Banff at the Applied Improv conference it’s no surprise my mind is on games. I enjoyed The Inner Game of Work on the flight over which has a