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I’m excited to be kicking off the New Year by facilitating an Open Space in Galway.

This will be for Reset Ireland taking place on the 15th and 16th January. Here’s the bite-size description:

Reset Ireland is a grassroots initiative to facilitate conversations for real social, political and economic change through developing an action plan for open government and media reform. Many conversations about political reform are already taking place in Ireland. Reset Ireland is an opportunity to knit these conversations together. A call to action for an alternative Ireland…. The aim of Reset Ireland is to create an opportunity for talented people to come together and to work collaboratively on developing a set of proposals with a positive vision for Ireland’s future.

This is a chance to work with Declan Elliott who’s been a friend for several years and is, with Kevin Flanagan, the driving force behind this. I’m looking forward to some sparky conversations as well as some of the black stuff.

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