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Last evening I went to a talk organised by Fast Company of Friends in London. Steve Denning discussed the role of narrative in organisations highlighting how he used storytelling to persuade the World Bank to reinvent itself as a source of know-how rather than just as a long–in-the-tooth lender of money. Steve emphasised the value of short, factual stories presented without great fanfare, in changing perceptions and thinking. He’s writing his next book in blog format here. Good stuff. I found myself nodding in agreement with the sentiment of his latest post – Don’t Waste Money on Inscrutable Ads

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links for 2010-08-29 Craig Murray gives his account of the consequences of not towing the party line for the Foreign Office. Bureaucraicies/hierarchies at their worst.

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Here in Melbourne I am just about over the jet lag and the pleasant shock of being plunged into high summer after the British winter. The flights with Sinagpore Airlines

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Lovely post on Presentation Zen: Jazz and the Art of Connecting. (Hat tip: Annette) This was my favourite lesson: (1) “The most important thing I look for in a musician

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On not being a master facilitator

Rob Paterson tweeted very flatteringly about our new book. I am trying not to be a tedious self-promoter but it was jolly nice of him. Still I have to admit