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So here am I blogging about inspiration and connecting to passion and I find this in Chris Corrigan’s blog. In a previous job Chris gave people their annual training budget and let them decide for themselves what to spend it on. They could learn cabinet-making if they liked, as long as the $800 was spent on learning. He comments

It is in learning about something we are passionate for that we develop the capacity to make connections to the world of work. We become better thinkers when we can connect the experience of learning to the rest of our lives. Despite the fact that the Government of Canada has a pretty good management development centre, it’s a tragedy that the vast majority of career public servants to go through life with the the only learning taking place in labs where they study contract management or learn how to write replies to letters sent to their Ministers. In that respect, I think that we are not serving our public servants, or those that work in our corporations, within our society. Connect learning to real passion and you have employees who suddenly discover that there is something that they care about. Triggering that reaction leads to them finding other ways to bring an autodidactic approach to the workplace.

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