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This blog made me think: What is the shape of thought?. It kicks off with this provocative quote:

“Words and language, whether written or spoken do not seem to play any part in my thought processes. The psychological entities that serve as building blocks for my thought are certain signs or images more or less clear, that I can reproduce at will.” Albert Einstein

It goes on to suggest that our culture is shifting (back) to a much more visual way of communicating.

Most of our computers have turned into electronic scrapbooks full of photo, videos, sketches and mind-maps. Everyone with a mobile device today has the capability to create and consume a vast array of images on the go. The emergent visual culture is one of online videos, animations, games, immersive virtual worlds, “augmented” reality environments, global information systems. It’s not unusual on a given day to swap photos and videos, have your avatar walking around in cyberspace, and navigate the real world with a mirror of your movement on you handheld GPS system. Often the visualizations are for entertainment or used as illustrations for ideas – such as decorative images inside 3D worlds, sketches alongside text in a report, animations that tell a story. But out of the visual riot in today’s media, a more intentional use of visual language is emerging.

There’s something important in this, a potential to move beyond some of the potholes caused by linear report reading and execution. It also reminds me of this quote from the book The Alphabet and the Goddess. And this podcast (and transcript) of a chat with Thomas Madsen Mygdal and Tom Guarriello on the impact of images.

Hat tip: Tweet from rondon

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