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Lilia Efimova comments on my entry on Doing vs Analysing and links (via Martin Dugage) to this Fast Company article: Why Can’t We Get Anything Done? This is a good summary of the points made in the book The Knowing Doing Gap (actually having read the book, I think the article is a pretty good substitute for reading it!). Martin focuses on this point from the article:

Mistaking talk for action is worse than just a simple error: Talk can actually drive out action. Studies about the way that meetings actually work demonstrate that negative people are perceived as being smarter than positive people — that is, being critical is interpreted as a sign of intelligence.

I know that I can easily get into that critical mode myself and my education seemed to emphasise criticism rather than action. I also think I need to watch the “Blogging-Doing” Gap. Tony and I were talking on Skype today, wondering where people get the time to do all this blogging… where do I get the time?

And I see that in organisations it’s easier to talk about change than to embody change in the way we converse.

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