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Trust in a bottle

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Great spot by Tom Asacker: Scientists have identified a hormone to create trust.

What I love about stories like this is their potentially disruptive influence on established best practice!

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Johnnie Moore

Supersize Me

I went to see Supersize Me tonight. At times funny at times painful, it certainly socks it to the fast food industry. I left feeling quite depressed about the picture

Johnnie Moore

Actions and words…

I’d love to run a management course based entirely on lessons from Monty Python. The subject of meetings could probably be covered simply with scenes from the Life of Brian.

Johnnie Moore


Matt highlight’s Patrick Lambe’s post: Touch. Patrick is focussed on actual physical touch and the way it’s pretty much excluded from conversations about change. It really is a giant elephant

Johnnie Moore

Perils of positioning wars

A good article by Jay Rosen about media coverage of the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice in the US. The story is of two sides of activists doing battle