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I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Viv has recorded a podcast with Jessica Tangelder talking about creative facilitation, including a lot about how she I work together.

Of course, I agree with just about all of it; Viv and I have practiced together a lot over the past few years (despite being on opposite sides of the planet). It’s still useful to me to hear Viv articulate it and remind me that there is a reasonably coherent explanation of how I work!

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Johnnie Moore

links for 2010-05-26

Robert Paterson's Weblog: How we got fat Rob unearths a remarkable bit of old propaganda for the fizzy drink business in America. Why Controlling Bosses Have Unproductive Employees – Research

Johnnie Moore

Networks as living systems

Andrew Rixon shares this presentation on networks as living systems. I enjoyed it. Living systems mapping View more presentations from AndrewRixon.

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Geek dinner

I went to tonight’s geek dinner here in London. I showed sufficient self-restraint on the beer that I’m able to post before going to bed. It was a good evening,

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The limits of rationalism

Adam Curtis uses his post The Economists’ New Clothes to take economists to task for their complacent claims to scientific certainty. Along the way, he argues that exponents of the