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What is anger doing for us?

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Rob Paterson talks about his work with KETC hosting conversations on the subject of immigration: Why are so many people so angry? Often he writes the stated reasons are about loss of jobs and crime…

But I wonder is that really the source of the anger? After all I don’t see this fuss about crime generally. I don’t see a big fuss against all the employers who have shuttered workplaces and exported jobs abroad. I don’t see the fuss about how technology has driven jobs away and lowered wages

I get the sense that anger seems to drive a lot of politics. I don’t subscribe to the view that anger is a “bad” emotion; it can be very energising. But I think it sometimes provides a way to establish a sense of power or relationship where people would otherwise struggle to do so.

By chance this morning I reread my post quoting Ekso Kilpis on complexity. He suggested we shift our focus from what we should be doing to what we are doing and said

Our focus should be on the communicative interaction creating the continuously developing pattern that is our life.

I think Rob is asking that kind of question.

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