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Dominic Campbell’s challenge to clumsy government procurement has the best title of the year – It’s Time People Got Fired for Hiring IBM. The rest is pretty good too..

Government has a uniquely long and drawn-out procurement process weighed down by red tape and requirements and an unhealthy addiction to big initiatives over many small innovations.

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Nice report on research from Scientific American: Setting your mind on a goal may be counterproductive. Instead think of the future as an open question.

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Johnnie Moore

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Johnnie Moore

links for 2006-03-23

Speed Demons There are two sorts of business – the quick and the dead. That’s the slightly hyper version of this Business Week story on alacrity. Hat tip: Declan Elliott

Johnnie Moore

The language of branding

I’m feeling more and more uneasy about the language of marketing/branding. I’ve felt this unease for a long time, but I’m finding it harder and harder to ignore or even tolerate.