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Liam Mulhall co-founder of Australia’s Blowfly Beer (interviewed in this podcast last month), has just started blogging.

In the podcast, he said mostly the big brewers had not seen him as a threat. Now he’s planning an IPO, things may be changing

Well it’s started! As soon as we announce we’re having a crack at the big boys, we get both the brewing duopoly here in Australia arcing up.Firstly, we get a call from the Australian Rugby Union telling us to remove the picture we have on our site of 2 Australian Rugby players who are both holding our beers in their hands. We have to remove them as they are under contract to one of the Duopoly, Tooheys, even though the picture was taken at a charity event that WE sponsored.

Next, if anyone has seen the NEW Blowfly Label we produced (and you voted for) you will notice its an old retro label with Blowfly Beer ORIGINAL on it.

Only this month has the OTHER brewing company re-released its most popular brand, Victoria Bitter (VB) as a retro label with Victoria Bitter ORIGINAL plastered across it, in a not dissimialr fashion to ours.Ah, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Up yours.

Let’s hope he keeps up this irreverent style.

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