United Channel 9

I flew back from New York on United on Monday. I’ve done this trip with them 3 times this year and it seems to work out well. For one thing their flights don’t seem to get that full, whilst the BA trips from the same terminal look as if they are thronged. I get checked […]

Thriving Conversations

A friend pointed me to this pdf: The conditions for thriving conversations by Kathia Castro Laszlo and Alexander Laszlo. I’m really interested in what makes a great conversation and how to have more of them. This brings together some clear thinking. It’s an academic paper so you’ll need to cut them a bit of slack […]

Shared Space

Fascinating post at the Intraspec blog, spotted by Dick Richards. When drivers no longer have the security of kerbs and traffic signals or signage their behavior shifts accordingly; they exercise greater caution and restraint, becoming more observant and psychologically attuned to pedestrains. Less delivers more… When customer service reps no longer have the security of […]

Making it up

Dan Gillmor has a good post about the standard PR practice of making up quotes. Snippet: ..it strains my brain to imagine that John Lee, senior vice president CNN Newsource Sales really told a PR person: “A more useful Web site continues CNN Newsources leadership position in communicating with affiliates, ensuring that they have all […]

Nice post

Jory des Jardins’ mum likes her latest post (see the comments). And so do I. Living Without a Net: An Odyssey into Self-Employment (Part XVII): On Defining Success and Allowing Oneself to Have It Here’s a snippet: I imagine that this different feeling I have is residual energy shored up by being passionate about the […]

Jacob the Teacher

Infinisiri blogs this story:Jacob the teacher Jacob almost seventy was in the midstages of Alzheimer’s disease. A clinical psychologist by profession and a meditator for more than twenty years he was well aware that his faculties were deteriorating. On occasion his mind would go totally blank; he would have no access to words for several […]


There’s an interesting discussion going on at Chris Carfi’s blog provoked by his post, Lie la Lie. The reference to The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel is made more relevant by the sprited fight that follows in the comments. Chris challenges the underlying principles he sees in Seth Godin’s All Marketers are Liars (briefly citing […]


Tom Guarriello reflects on Seth’s All Marketers are Liars. Even though he’s not read the book I think he’s written the clearest summary I’ve yet seen (and I have read it). Tom likes the sound of it but concludes But am I the only one who thinks that this “lying” business muddies more than it […]

The Student, the Nun and the Amazon

There are moments when I get really excited by an unexpected byproduct of my own blog. One such happened a week ago when I met Sam Clements. Sam found me via some post or other here and we agreed to meet for a chat. At first I thought I’d just be offering a bit of […]

DIY corporate press release

Christoper Carfi offers an all purpose corporate press release. [Company name], a [noted | leading | large] provider of [insert industry name here] solutions is [happy | pleased | thrilled] to announce [a new customer | a new product]. [Paragraph with lame details here] [Paragraph with glowing quote from executive here that was written by […]