Kryptonite responds

Jake (the Community Guy) and I had an interesting chat on Skype yesterday about his email interview with Kryptonite which he posted a couple of days ago. (Kryptonite is a bike lock company that was hit by rampant negative PR when a blogger discovered you could undo their locks with part of a bic pen). […]

Dirty linen in public?

The debate on the Micrsoft Anti-Discrimination policy continues with some very interesting comments emerging. There are quite a few strands to the debate now, but I want to focus on the “dirty linen in public” argument. (Some of these links are courtesy of Robert Scoble’s linkblog). Some folks are wondering if this stuff should be […]

Adobe translated

John Gruber offers a witty translation of corporate drone from Adobe. Here’s a snippet. Why is Adobe acquiring Macromedia? Adobe


Chrisopher Carfi finds that top execs choose suppliers not – primarily – on price technology or process. But on people.

Gonzo on authenticity

Today’s reading from the (Gonzo) Gospel according to Chris Locke… The quality of wildness most lacking in commerce is play. Yet play once again is serious business. To the rollicking delight of online audiences everywhere, corporations seem to get easily confused trying to balance their overly earnest brand personas with their All-New SuperCool E-Brand Avatars […]

Manure madness

The folks at Fight The Bull are up to more mischief. Yep we’re here to cover all the action of Manure Madness an annual tournament that will crown the company with the worst annual shareholder letter as a Shining Beacon of Business Idiocy. What a great idea. A knockout contest among 32 Fortune 500 companies […]

Life and death

A powerful, succinct and touching post by Rob Paterson: The Right to Life. Snippet:It has been the custom of most traditional societies for individuals to take a responsibility for the amount of burden that they place on their community. There is a dignity in deciding when it is time. There is an acceptance in the […]

In denial…

Seth spotted this ad for troubled American Airlines: and comments Let’s say you run an airline with a horrible cost structure and you’re facing bankruptcy on an almost daily basis. Why on earth would you waste money on marketing like this? Do the folks at American believe that some harried New Yorker is going to […]

We don’t need another hero

Evelyn posts this good quiz from the book Soul Prints by Marc Gafni. Name the five wealthiest people in the world. Name the last five winners of the Miss America contest. Name the last five people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winner for best actor […]


Alain Joudier has a nice post today on the strange and poncey (sp?) job titles being dished out these days. He was provoked by Hilton’s invitation to speak to a “Certified Hotel Specialist”. Alain continues I was talking with a writer today and we discussed the unhealthy need for labels. She’s in an academic organization […]