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Dirty linen in public?

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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The debate on the Micrsoft Anti-Discrimination policy continues with some very interesting comments emerging.

There are quite a few strands to the debate now, but I want to focus on the “dirty linen in public” argument. (Some of these links are courtesy of Robert Scoble’s linkblog).

Some folks are wondering if this stuff should be done out loud. For instance, Rick Segal says:

First, decide up front what the plan is with communications in/out of the company. And not some 80 page legal document either. No, something simple like, before you decide to ‘go public’ how about giving the family a chance to solve or get to the agree to disagree point, then off you go. Simple and all team like.”

Adam Herscher is on the same lines:

Over the last couple of days, I

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