Whose language?

Andrew Sullivan spotted this extraordinary video on YouTube: In my language. In it an autistic woman lets us into her world. In the first half we see her engaging with life in a way, I would say in a language, of her own. This footage will probably trigger a variety of reactions in you – […]

Go read this

And on the subject of love… if you can spare five minutes go read Jeff Risley’s post I can only imagine. In fact, go read it even if you can’t spare five minutes.

Microphone or talking stick

Look blogs are a great place for half-finished ideas. It’s probably one reason why I like to blog but find it an increasing ordeal to write essays, proposals etc. In this spirit, I was thinking about talking sticks. I’ve been to events where we all sat in a cirle, and when someone wanted to speak, […]

Waiting and presence – experiment

A few days ago I blogged Chris Corrigan’s post about waiting. He was talking about experiences of waiting that is not about anticipating the future but about being fully present. Jeff Risley left a comment saying he’d be reading Chris’ post out at the start of his next meeting and I did the same a […]

In the box: revenge of the geeks?

Prompted by several friends and finally by some excellent posts from Marc Babej, I’ve read Douglas Rushkoff’s latest, Get Back in the Box. This is one of the best non-fiction books I’ve read in a long time. It’s one of the few business books that I’ve read to the end. If you don’t have time […]

Coca Cola for Winston Smith?

Danny G of AdPulp has discovered the slightly creepy website of The Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness. It has a Ministry-of-Truth-like quality and turns out to be an outpost of Coca Cola complete with a logo that feels like a cross between Coke and some strange religious sect. Danny says But this site an […]

Radical disintermediation..

..is the theme of Rob Paterson’s post Indulgences – The Reformation – Our Time. Serious thought provocation.

Is authenticity hyped?

Tom Asacker quotes Ionesco “Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.” and goes on to set some challenging questions for folks (like me) who opine from time-to-time in favour of authenticity in branding. Here’s a taster but read the whole thing if you can find the time. Marketing experts continue to advise getting […]

Jory on Authenticity

One of the good things about More Space is that you can listen to each of the chapters as an mp3 (just register at the More Space website for free access). I enjoyed reading Jory des Jardins‘ chapter in its early draft – and I enjoyed it even more in the audio version over the […]

More Space – Rob’s rousing chapter

The arrival of my hard copies of More Space the book I’ve co-authored with eight other bloggers, has prompted to me re-read what others have written there. Today, I’m going to do a little trailer on Rob Paterson‘s chapter, Going Home. (You can read his essay online free, or order the book, at the More […]