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I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

And on the subject of love… if you can spare five minutes go read Jeff Risley’s post I can only imagine. In fact, go read it even if you can’t spare five minutes.

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The value of not always saying something helpful

Beyond writing

Writing stuff down can easily remove us from practical reality and suppress our intuition

Inauthentic marketing: case study

An example of inauthentic direct mail, from Lincoln Financial Group. The elements that eat away at the credibility of the sender and the effect on this reader.

In praise of um… er….. deeper meaning

Once again, it turns out that what we do naturally has more value than we realise; whereas clever contrivances intended to “improve” our effectiveness often just destroy significance… and make us less well understood! A good lesson for all those presentation trainers and “image consultants” out there!

Follies of ranking

John Porcaro blogsmore evidence of the dangers of running businesses by crude interpretations of numbers… how superficial metrics can cover a rich tapestry of human

Values – ideal or real

I am blogging from my friend Thomas’s office in Essex. All around are those inspirational posters… eg “PERSISTENCE Now that we’ve exhausted all possibilities… let’s

The volatile chemistry of trust

Interesting research from Stanford suggests that exciting brands get more trusted after making mistakes and putting them right whilst more “sincere” brands start with more trust but lose it more easily. Perhaps the sensible interpretation is that second-guessing customers can be a waste of time!

Authenticity: you can’t fake it

Thanks (again) to John Porcaro for linking me to the Customer Evangelists’ blog where I found this: OLD SCHOOL: Ad agency pays teen bloggers to

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Emotional debt

Releasing the hidden costs of pent up frustrations


Finding the aliveness below the surface of stuck

Johnnie Moore

Creative self-destruction

Clay Shirky had that snappy line at SXSW this year: Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution Which is why this kind of self-liquidating

Johnnie Moore

Sorting truth from fiction…

Seth Godin is on good form, blogging about the challenge of spotting fakes, when traditional cues for trustworthiness are becoming less reliable. I think some of the answer lies in self-knowledge.

Johnnie Moore

The dangers of expertise

Andrew Rixon examines the paradox of bringing in the expert through a Nasrudeen story. It’s a tricky thing employing experts: the temptation is to go into a childlike pose and

Johnnie Moore

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