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Johnnie Moore

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James Cherkoff and I went out last weekend with Jesper Bindslev and Jon Froda whose shared blog is e-mediators. We’d first met them at Reboot7 earlier this year where we had a lot of fun together. They were great company hugely engaging to talk to and full of ideas. (Disclosure: if you read what they say about us, you’ll recognise a Mutual Appreciation Society).

They’re both interested in innovation and co-creation and are writing a thesis (collaboratively, of course) on Making sense of corporate blogging through social movement theory. If you read that post, you’ll see they provide some further academic depth to the sort of stuff Hugh posted about the porous membrane. This notion of movements of people transcending the apparent fixed boundaries of corporations seems pretty important to me.

Anyway, towards the end of the evening over dinner, we got round to talking about Improv and they recorded my impromptu demonstration of one of my favourite improv activities, the shared drawing game. Jesper has just posted the results as a five minute video here.

If you’re interested in the exercise, I wrote a post with a bit more detail here.

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