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Jack Ricchiuto has some thoughts on how change happens in networks.

…the possibility space for change opens up when we connect different people who can begin resonating together around shared stories opportunities, and dreams. It’s a process of liberating people from the confines of clusters of sameness and ideological colonialism so they can move toward more diverse connections and pragmatic alignments.

The phrase clusters of sameness resonates for me and I think organisations often clog up with those. He continues:

the fusion of difference and resonance is a powerful approach because in that space, people move away from trying to change each other, which opens the space for the possibilities of creating innovative.. changes.. Resonant listening to one another’s differences allows us to join in both-and innovations that could never be possible in an either-or constrained world

For me, this is about opening space so that we can explore experiences fully, without the pressure to problem-solve.

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