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I’m just back from a few days skiing in Davos where the sun shone constantly. I took the opportunity to stay completely offline which I am sure was good for me. You may have noticed that a variety of spammers took on the task of adding content here in my absence, which I’ve now removed.

Skiing for me is a constant challenge to maintain the “inner game”. I did much better when I wasn’t attempting to compete with others and just focussed, without too much self-flagellation, on my own technique. I’m not very good at being taught skiing, especially as I am easily confused by being asked to focus on more than one thing at a time when falling down a mountain.

I was part of a group of eight people and throughly enjoyed how a bunch of diverse people collaborated to have a good time. No big master plan, no committee meetings to agree on objectives, just a good deal of inspired muddling through. Sure, a lot of the time people went off at tangents, and sometimes we nearly organised our way onto completely the wrong train from the airport… but somehow the team worked. With no-one in charge. There’s a moral there somewhere.

I returned to London which felt very cold compared to Switzerland and to a mountain of email. I am trying to catch up before heading off on another adventure on Saturday.

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