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Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

Chris Corrigan points to this fascinating documentary – Tribe Badongo Iboga – in which explorer Bruce Perry, is initiated into an African tribe and goes on a psychotropic trip into his past… to discover how everything is connected.

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Johnnie Moore

Branding without humour

Jackie Huba contrasts how two brands responded to some creativity by customers. Lots of people have discovered the fun to be had by dropping Mentos sweets into diet coke –

Johnnie Moore

On solitude and thinking

I like autumn, and every year there’s always a day when it clearly announces itself. Yesterday there was a little chill in the morning sunshine that marked the end of

Johnnie Moore

Post hoc rationalisation and the myth of leadership

Marc Babej (fellow Corante Hubbite) interviewed Douglas Rushkoff recently and got his reflections on Kevin Roberts and Lovemarks. Rushkoff is a big sceptic about advertising and essentially said what Roberts

Johnnie Moore

Training facilitation

Viv has written about rethinking facilitation training and I agree with her. That’s not unconnected with having done some very interesting work with her this year and planning some more