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I enjoyed Galen Strawson’s review of Daniel Kahneman’s new book, Thinking Fast and Slow. Among other things, it’s a great reminder of the limits of our capacity for rational thought, and how easily we delude ourselves into thinking we’re acting rationally when we are not. So it appears that when judges make sentencing decisions, they seem to give longer terms the hungrier they get.

It reminds me of my observation the other day about being more Homer Simpson and less Mr Spock.

Both modes of thinking have great value and we shouldn’t revere one over another. I would say in the business world that most meetings seem to try to operate in highly rational mode most of the time and it means we spend far too much time in darkened rooms pretending to listen to powerpoint.


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A good day

I ran my Facilitation for Surprise Workshop here in London yesterday. It was one of my most satisfying day’s work for a long time. All the participants were really enthusiastic

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links for 2010-08-28

M*A*S*H* Up with Improv Scientists & Alan Alda | Yes and Space Geoff Jones found this 10min video of Alan Alda using improv games to show scientists how to connect

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A tale of two CEOs

The egonomics blog contrasts two responses by CEOs to the question: what did you first do on getting to the Executive Suite? First Mulally (Ford): “I always keep a camera