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I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

I’ve had lots of chances to work with Viv McWaters over the last year in several different parts of the world. So I’m pleased to say we’re going to put on a one-day workshop in Melbourne in October.

It’s part of Andrew Rixon’s growing Story Conference. This year’s theme is Creative Methods: Widening the World of Work. Her’s a pdf of the full programme. It ends with a whole day of Playback Theatre and Open Space, which should be pretty awesome.

We’ve called our workshop Friction and Fiction. It’s an evolution of many different things Viv and I have shared together. Often, meetings try to avoid friction, and the word facilitator might lead you to think that’s the job… make things easy. More and more, I think that’s a mistake, and that we need to practice welcoming some friction and abandon the notion that everyone should end up agreeing on everything. As for the fiction, well that’s partly about identifying what Viv calls the “furfies” – organisational myths about what can and can’t be done, what so-and-so won’t put up with, etc. etc.

So we’ll be looking at widening the world of work by finding ways to deepen and stretch what’s possible in the conversations we have at work.

If you are in Australia this autumn, it would be fun to see you there.

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