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Going to Banff

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

I’ve just booked a great adventure for November. I’m off to the Applied Improv Conference in Banff Canada. I skipped the conference last year, but the combination of a horde of Improv fans plus the Canadian Rockies is too good to miss. I’m going to add on a trip elsewhere in North America as well I reckon.

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Johnnie Moore

Improv Arvo update

I’ve now set up an Eventbrite page for the Improv Arvo on Saturday November 1st 3pm-6pm – so go there to register. As we say no agenda or objective apart

Johnnie Moore

When someone walks in the room

Matt mentioned something in our podcast that gives me an excuse to refer to this YouTube clip again. We were talking about power and what happens when someone in authority

Johnnie Moore

Blogwalk Seattle

Ton Zijlsta announces another blogwalk this time in Seattle on September 2nd. Themes: “unconferencing open space, and how on-line blogging exchanges migrate to face to face meetings”. As Ton says,

Johnnie Moore

Being different

I liked this argument for taking the risk of being different from Gavin Heaton: there’s already a surfeit of sameness in the world. But it is precisely because of this