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Kathy Sierra continues to share her first rate insights with her crash course in learning theory. Most of the principles she applies to learning…

Learners are not “empty vessels” waiting to be filled with content pushed into it by an expert, blogger author, etc. Learning is something that happens between the learner’s ears–it’s a form of co-creation between the learner and the learning experience. You can’t create new pathways in someone’s head… your job is to create an environment where the chances of the learner “getting it” in the way that you intend are as high as possible.

…could be taken and applied to how companies think about branding: in short it should not be about telling people the truth*, but engaging them in creating something new with you… perhaps within certain parameters you may set (and sometimes not).

*Afterthought. Reading this two days later, I realise this is badly expressed. What I’d prefer to say is should not be about telling people your own particular notion of “the truth” of your brand. I didn’t intend to advocate (more) dishonesty in marketing!

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