Yoga selling Cereal

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Thanks to Paul Goodison for picking up on this BBC story on The Tyranny of Yoga.

Yoga helps us to get closer to enlightenment. I wonder if this insight from the St Luke’s agency counts as an example?:

It is a reliable medium through which the advertiser can communicate with the Special K demographic.

Makes you proud to work in marketing eh? According to St Luke’s agency yoga has been used to sell…

Air Wick air freshener

Norwich Union Direct insurance

Benecol low-fat yoghurt

Cable & Wireless

Clear Blue pregnancy test

DFS and Homebase

John Smith extra smooth bitter

Special K cereal

Phostrogen weed and moss killer lawn feed

I’m with Paul when he comments

Those companies/agencies using the Yoga image aren’t being authentic because they are selling something that isn’t the truth. Eating a breakfast cereal is not going to make me supple or relaxed.

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