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Making music or nicking cars… and what it means for brands

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Alan Moore has an excellent post: Good for business – good for schools Here’s how it begins.

This is what Jupiter’s website says

Since 1930 the JUPITER company has been dedicated to helping schools and culture. This simple definition still represents the primary goal of the JUPITER brand today.

To that end Jupiter have been involved in a project called SoundStart

SoundStart began in September 2001 when 30 young pupils from Elmwood Primary School in Croydon became the first to try this unique musical experiment. Unlike most music tuition that takes place outside the classroom, Soundstart takes a whole class from beginner to concert in one term. Jupiter brass and woodwind and their UK distributor Korg UK, working with Croydon Music Services, gave each child an instrument of their choice a wide range from flutes to saxophones, some of which the children had never seen or heard before.

And the benefits…. well, as one child explained “Do you realize if we weren’t doing this music project we could be out nicking cars?”.

Alan celebrates this as an example of the sort of things more organisations need to do to create real engagement with customers, and I agree. Just take a moment and compare the emotional impact on you of this story compared with that of your average advertisement; indeed compare it with the impact of your favourite advertisement.

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