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Rob Paterson has a great post about simplicity the complicated and the complex.

This is what Emergence looks like. It is the result of a powerful but simple equation being recursed many many times. In effect it is like having a powerful question conversed about many many time. The question and the recursion deliver a new form that has Emerged.

This is why Community is going to be the organization of the future where the Many talk to the Many.

Conversation between the Many and the Many is the Darwinian Creative Process that delivers Emergence. For the right Conversations to happen – you need a Trusted Space. A Trusted Space must be Peer to Peer. Extreme power differences prevent conversation and hence emergence. Hence traditional bureaucracies have profound challenges in coping unless they find ways of opening up the space safely inside to allow for peer to peer.

Rob also mentions a book which I could buy on the strength of its title alone: Getting to Maybe.

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