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Chris Corrigan has been thinking about evaluation, the theme for the upcoming Show Me The Change conference. He cites Margaret Wheatley on the subject of measuring. She asks a clot of questions, here are a few of them:

Who gets to create the measures? Measures are meaningful and important only when generated by those doing the work… How will we keep abreast of changes in context that warrant new measures? Who will look for the unintended consequences that accompany any process and feed that information back to us?.. Do they invite in newness and surprise? Do they encourage people to look in new places, or to see with new eyes?

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links for 2010-08-11

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Mindapples I met the guy behind this the other day. It's a simple initiative to promote mental health in a conversational down-to-earth way. Rather brilliant I think. (tags: creativity crumbs!)

Johnnie Moore

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Chris Rodgers sparked an intense and interesting conversation with (among others) Dave Snowden with this post: Self-organization and emergence as natural dynamics of organization. It’s not light reading but I