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No Flipcharts

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I would like to propose an International No Flip Chart Week. During this period no one will leap up in the middle of meetings and attempt to capture what’s being discussed on a flip chart (or any high tech equivalent).

This often feels like a form of premature conceptualisation. A way of focussing too much on the explicit and measurable at the expense of the subtle stuff that happens when we allow ourselves to explore ideas together. Whilst on one level it appears to be a way of acknowledging ideas, at a deeper level I think it’s a way of containing them, boxing them and avoiding being influenced by people.

Further reading: The tyranny of the explicit

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Johnnie Moore

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I went to tonight’s geek dinner here in London. I showed sufficient self-restraint on the beer that I’m able to post before going to bed. It was a good evening,

Johnnie Moore

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I’m gonna be meeting a lot of bloggers for real in the next four weeks. Tonight I’m having a drink with Suw Charman and dinner with among others Martin Roell

Johnnie Moore

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Here are three pictures I found on the first page of a Google Image search for “facilitation”. I have no idea how good or bad (or staged) these particular meetings