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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Oli Barrett’s post Facebook has Landed captures how business is being changed by social software. And he has given me the very slim pretext I need to dig out this YouTube classic from the Python archives.

It’s a long and delightful clip, and I was thinking especially of the bit five minutes in. Here Graham Chapman’s archetypal army general is horrified to discover that the enemy is “not taking the war seriously” any more. There’s a similar shock coming for those who don’t see how fundamentally the Web is changing how we see our relationships with work.

Facebook may come or go, but I think we’re seeing an inspiring blurring of what what we used to call “our lives” and “work”. And now it’s not just us crazed bloggers.

When a top law firm has to back down when it tries to block Facebook at work, it’s clear that we live in interesting times.

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