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Johnnie Moore

I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

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There’s more potential in each moment than we realise

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Johnnie Moore

Not doing role play

Paul Clarke muses on the morality of his own eavesdropping. Interesting stuff. As someone who works in training/facilitation I was quite engaged by the eavesdropped rail employee who was in

Johnnie Moore


I’m in New York and getting the usual buzz from being here. Going to investigate Birdbath this afternoon, and have some free time over the weekend if anyone reading this

Johnnie Moore


A couple of weeks ago I met Stefan Engeseth, author of the recently published One. (There’s a free download of the first chapter there). One is Stefan’s riff on the

Johnnie Moore

Trying out…

I’m trying out a couple of new bits of software. The first is ecto, an offline blog editor. Previously, I have tried Zempt which was pretty good but would occasionally