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I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

JP has a good post summarising the differences between the analog and digital eras: Musing about culture and customers and choice: the eBaying of “content”.

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Blogging for Ourhouse

Welcome to the Ourhouse Weblog. Blogging is something I’ve become increasingly interested in. Earlier this month I set up the Beyond Branding Blog which is


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking – and worrying – about collaboration. I think the ability to collaborate effectively is becoming ever more essential

Just Undo It?

The AntiBrand: blackSpot sneakers, a project by Adbusters attacks Nike directly. In doing so they take on what has become one of the great icons

Trust and NGOs

My friend Olaf Brugman has invited me to take part in a workshop in Brussels on October 29th. It looks set to be an interesting


I’ve finally started paying attention to RSS and all this stuff about “Blog Aggregators”. The final shove was wanting to get Martin Roell’s English feed.

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Emotional debt

Releasing the hidden costs of pent up frustrations


Finding the aliveness below the surface of stuck

Johnnie Moore

The origin of potato chips

I’ve just received a delightful gift from my friends at On Your Feet. A tiny box is wrapped in a strip of paper bearing four stories. Here’s one One day

Johnnie Moore

We’re connected…

NESTA have had some interesting events lately. They’re clearly into what Steve Moore calls “the convening power of the brand” as they assemble groups of people and interesting speakers, usually

Johnnie Moore

links for 2010-04-07

Ushahidi – Africa’s Gift to Silicon Valley – How to Track a Crisis – (tags: crowdsourcing culture socialmedia technology) Google Public Policy Blog: Brookings: Cloud computing can save govt

a close up of an old-fashioned typewriter keyboard

A Colditz story

A story about storytelling and the impact on the storyteller