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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Geoff Brown has just posted a multimedia summary of the Show Me the Change conference from earlier this month. I think it gives a pretty good flavour of what we got up to and how the open space format opened up discussions.

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Johnnie Moore


Mark Pesce has some interesting reflections about money and fairness. Here’s a snippet: Social scientists and neuropsychologists have recently begun to test the human drive to wealth. One of the

Johnnie Moore


Renee Hopkins Callahan has a nice editorial post at Corante pulling together some ideas kicked off by Elizabeth Albrecht who suggested that marketers could place less emphasis on flawless promo

Johnnie Moore


James and I are doing a short turn at the Market Research Society conference in Brighton on Thursday. We’ve got about 25mins to talk about Co-Creation Rules. Time for a

Johnnie Moore

NBC Universal brags

Over breakfast yesterday Jennifer Rice and I looked at the double-page spread in the FT from the newly merged NBC Unversal. Which seemed only to tell us how very big