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Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Earl commented on my last post which led to me this part of his archive. I especially enjoyed this bit:

What’s more when someone tells us about the rules, we can be pretty sure they don’t know either, and very often they are our parents who, frankly, are not especially successful players.

I think Earl also captures rather well why I’m a net enthusiast:

It’s another thing I like so much about the net and its associated technologies; they take away the appearance, the feeling of control from those who thought they held it. The technology doesn’t give back that control to anyone else either, it just demonstrates that any feeling of control is an illusion, and then demands that we play anyway. Does that mean that I’m an anarchist? Not at all, but it does mean that for the paradigms of control; force, compulsion and exclusion, we have to substitute co-operation, collaboration and contribution. Now that, I’ll take.

By the way, my take on this whole simple/complicated/complex business is probably best summed up in my More Space effort, Simple Ideas, Lightly Held.

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