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Piers Young blogs on the sleep advantage.

The hard (and repeated) lesson seems to be this: if you want to be creative you need to do whatever you can to stop thinking about the problem. Get some rest, go for a walk – anything – but if you stay up all night working on it, chances you’ll be a blank slate.

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Johnnie Moore

Notice More, Change Less

Every year my pals at On Your Feet send me a fun Christmas gift. It tends to arrive in the bleak of January, when I appreciate it even more. Yesterday,

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Engagement marketing

My friend and former sparring partner Alan Moore, highlights his article The Twilight of Interruption. It’s a good polemic against interruptive marketing.

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Blogs and Social Media Forum

I spent yesteday at the Blogs and Social Media Forum. Turned out to be an interesting day. This was an event about blogging that had attracted a large audience of

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links for 2010-10-06

Ig Nobel Prize Winner: If The Peter Principle is Right Then Organizations Should Randomly Promote People – Bob Sutton Research suggesting choosing leaders seems to diminish group effectiveness, compared to