Solar panels based on trees

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Gizmodo reports how a 13-year-old boosts the effectiveness of solar panels by adapting the structure of trees.

Did you hear that? All of the smart-guys in the country who spent their time trying to make solar power more efficient were just outsmarted by a thirteen-year-old and a tree.

I love this!

1. The idea emerges not from brainstorming about solar cells but from reflecting on something seen in nature. Classically looking at something we all see (trees) and seeing something more.

2. Change can come from anywhere, anytime. Even in the most everyday situation, we may be only separated from a breakthrough but our habitual thinking.

3. For years, solar panels have been flat… and of course that was sensible, wasn’t it. Linear thinking only gets you so far.

Hat tip: @RoyBlumenthal

UPDATE: Though I may be getting overexcited, if this is true, pointed to by @ninefish

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