Sunny Delusions

Yet more breathtaking hypocrisy from Procter and Gamble in its efforts to salvage Sunny Delight. Readers are urged visit their "Dr Gary" and ask him a reall good question.
Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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Following my recent posting on Sunny Delight I saw an interesting BBC documentary this evening about its rise and fall. What struck me was the dull witted performances of the protagonists at Procter & Gamble and Saatchis. Although they were refreshingly frank about the marketing errors they made they were surprisingly sanguine about their repeated attempts to relaunch this wretched and cynical brand. The awesome inauthenticity of these people is depressing. Time and again they try to change the image of this fundamentally worthless product to try and insinuate their way back into housewives’ affections. Time and again they fail, admit their failure to strike a successful pose, and try another tactic – without ever copping to the true failure – which is not to acknowledge that this drink is without merit and was only ever launched to make money, not with the faintest desire to create real value.

Some suit for Saatchis blathered on about wanting to return the brand to its “heartland”. But this is a product that never had a heart involved in it. Only a wallet.

The show drew my attention to this shameless, craven website created by the renamed Sunny D. “Dr Gary Stephenson is the man behind Sunny D.”

Gary has been working on nutrition for the past 14 years so really knows his stuff.


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