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For all my love of Improv I struggle to say Yes, And to being tagged on the blogosphere.

But as both Jeff and Rob have both marked me for this meme, here goes. The idea is to say five things most people may not know about me, and then tag five others.

Right then.

1. I used to have a Private Pilot’s Licence. I loved flying but found waiting for the weather in England a bit problematic, and one year I let it lapse. If I win the lottery, I’ll probably start again.

2. My great great grandfather was Lord Mayor of Manchester, laid the topping out stone of the dam across Lake Thirlmere in the Lake District and opened the Blackpool Trams. My aunt still has the official key.

3. I cringe inwardly when people ask me to try something from their plate in restaurants. Please bear this in mind if you eat with me.

4. My friends (hmm) at school called me “helicopter legs” because they flail outwards when I run. The only athletic standard I ever attained was in Walking Races. Somehow my swivelly legs were great at that.

5. Like Rob, I like sad music. My favourite way to unwind is to take a long bath listening to Elgar’s Cello Concerto.

There, that wasn’t so bad after all.

And I’m tagging the following. I hope they feel free to ignore this unwarranted interruption of their lives: Tony Goodson, Ton Zijlstra, Tom Guariello, Chris Corrigan and John Winsor.

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