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The answer to how is yes

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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A friend emailed me this short blurb about a book by Peter Block – The Answer to How is Yes. I’ll probably never get round to the book but this summary engages me:

According to Peter Block people keep asking “how?” as a defense against living their life. In The Answer to How is Yes! , Peter Block puts the “how to” craze in perspective and teaches individuals, workers and managers ways to act on what they know, and reclaim their freedom and capacity to create a world they want to live in. It shows that many of our solutions and efforts to improve keep us paralyzed. Much of our training is not needed. Asking “how?” is waiting for our life to start. The question of “how?” has pre-empted questions of “why?” Most of the existing literature feeds our dependency. The Answer to How is Yes.

For me it links to thoughts expressed by Katherine Stone earlier today against prescriptive marketing.

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