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I’m excited to be part of the More Space project dreamt up by Todd Sattersten.

The idea: 10 bloggers each contribute a chapter to a book. We get 10 000 words to play with more space than would be normal for a blog. As you’ll see from Todd’s FAQs, the finished product will be available in html, pdf, mp3 and good old-fashioned-print. The online versions will be free, with some kind of Creative Commons Licence.

I’m looking forward to the challenge.

I’ve not resolved the exact topic for my own chapter. Possibly I’ll write about branding as an organic, co-creative process.

Another idea is to pick up a theme of “Simple Ideas, Loosely Held” (with acknowledgements to Small Pieces, Loosely Joined). This would be in part a counter to the excessive number of how-to books out there, looking at engaging with a complex world without having to generate complicated, over-theoretical solutions. Or having to learn long lists. Or study lots of matrices.

I’ll probably kick these ideas around more in the blog over the next few weeks.

And there’s a slot for one more blogger to contribute to More Space.

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