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Roland Harwood at NESTA has a nice account of Clay Shirky’s great talk at the RSA last week – Organising without Organisations. That talk, Roland’s post and Euan’s reflections on Clay’s book have finally triggered my Amazonian instincts and I’m looking forward to a good read soon.

It’s a funny word, organisation, and it’s a bit misleading. It seems to imply a solidity to what are really emerging patterns. When we call Shell an organisation we make it more solid than it really is. It sounds odd to call Shell an organising but it might be more accurate, and place it a little more on a level with the humble little gatherings us mortals are organising all the time, of which Shell is really just a rather large scale iteration.

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Google Answers: quotation by Andrew Grove re: Christopher Columbus finding the new world Delightful on more than one level: Andy Grove at Intel when challenged about ROI suggests no one

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Euan says: The biggest challenge facing organisations is not so much coercing people into being more innovative as getting themselves out of the way when people try to innovate. Innovation