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The Graeme Thickins article I blogged yesterday continues to get picked up in the blogosphere. It really doesn’t deserve the attention but it’s irritiating me so I’ll just make a couple more points and then stop.

Thickins reels off a series of claims about why business doesn’t like blogs.

For the sake of argument let’s allow Graeme his mythical business creature and let’s allow this mythical creature to pretend it doesn’t feel angry about all these emotional bloggers. So? The bloggers are going to carry on regardless and if responses to this article are anything to go by they will be provoked further by the silence of the beast.

Graeme thinks business gets a choice about whether to blog. I say, it’s going to be blogged anyway. Whether it likes it or not is quite irrelevant. (Which I suppose Graeme’s “business” might approve of as an very unsentimental position.)

But arguing with Graeme is hard work. One moment, he talks about a few cases of bloggers being fired to show us that business doesn’t like blogs. The next, he tells us that business is “yawning” at the thought of blogging.

And as for evidence, I think the feebleness of his efforts is contained in this, his 10th argument.

The corporate communications and public relations profession is remarkably quiet in all the rah-rah hype of blogging. Here

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