The perils of planning

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

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That Curt Rosengren he’s a top blogger. I think he is giving a continuing masterclass in a particular type of blog: one that supports his business and balances lots of self-disclosure with a high degree of information relevant to his area of focus.

Anyhow, today he’s writing about Embracing the Detours referencing Second Innocence by John Izzo Izzo writes:

It is not that we should go through life without plans or clear desires. But life is an organic creation, the serendipitous intersection of thousands of events that put us in a certain place at a certain time. Being closed to the many detours presented to us and allowing our life plans to shield us from other possibilities means we will ultimately enjoy a less than satisfying journey..

In my own work, I often focus on the power of the moment, and raise awareness of the apparently small choices we make and their impact on our lives. Improv is a fantastic training in realising this power and the energy that is released when we encourage spontaneity and let go of rigid plans.

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