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I set up a Tweetscan for the word “warcraft” as I wondered what my fellow addictsplayers might be saying on twitter. I found it hilarious – and revealing. If you’re in branding I recommend doing this for your brand – it’s free research and you get to overhear thoughts that just don’t emerge in the same way in conventional focus groups etc.

Here are some of the tweets I found engaging.

darinmcwatters : Wishing I was still in High School so I could be playing World of Warcraft during class

Wriggy : Can’t get them up due to brother’s on World of Warcraft ¬_¬ Going to watch TV and try again afterwards

ZicklePop : Warcraft makes my hands hurt. Damn you carpal tunnel syndrome!

PaulJManoogian : My kid is sitting next to me with his laptop, playing Warcraft while eating Pizza. It’s cute watching an 11 year old do that.

Zealoth : just quit World of Warcraft once again after a last sentimental Netherdrake flight

Nerdogical : At Grant’s apartment. Everyone is playing Warcraft.

codinghorror : Imagine an Excel spreadsheet, but in 3D, and with massive numbers of people editing it at once. That’s World of Warcraft!

revdancatt : Right, canceled World of Warcraft. It was fun, but really have better things to do with my time now (you know, like write a game).

rasteisleet : world of Warcraft is evil

There, a free search (and a feed if you want it) set up in moments. And tell me if you don’t think this will give you insights into what Warcraft is like and – crucially – where it fits into people’s lives. It’s that context that is so important, and it’s what gets screwed up when you sit people down for 90 minutes to talk to you about you.

No it’s not the truth, but like all things twitter, these are engaging fragments of the truth. We all get to make our own meanings of them.

Update: Oh, and here are some tweets with “azeroth” (the place where the war is crafted)

Arrens : Giving serious thought to leaving Azeroth for good. Hanging with friends IRL was just too much fun to want to go back to the online grind.

ayfin : I wonder how long it will take the CIA infiltrating Azeroth to find WMD’s and terrorists to realize they are wasting taxpayer money

patyomatt : 1250 words. 2 hours. On genetic algorithms. I’d rather swim around Azeroth naked.

bermar : Got my computer back today…with a brand new motherboard : Dsee you in azeroth Djevlen

kevnull : Introduced C to the world of Azeroth. We’re matching fire and ice mages. And she’s still hot in a virtual world.

eskye : Broke. Not going anywhere, except maybe Azeroth.

pvponline : This bitch in Ratchet is making me run all over Azeroth for mats. This robe better be worth it.

Hasteur : Pleasantly inebreated. Headed to Azeroth

SouthJ : off to Azeroth most likely be there most of the day.

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