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I’m Johnnie Moore, and I help people work better together

(Techie Question)

I need a bit of help on working with a MySQL database as part of my Movable Type installation. I need separate out one stream of entries from another whilst preserving their irregular ID numbers. All suggestions gratefully received at johnm at roundourhouse dot com.

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I went down to Surrey on Friday for long walk and pub lunch with Neil Perkin. We’d originally planned to run a workshop about agile

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Antonio Dias offers a fascinating description of what goes wrong when drowning: What separates a swimmer from someone drowning is the way a swimmer acknowledges

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Viv picks out some nice ideas from Phelim McDermott on the subject of leadership. “We love the security of the illusion that someone is in

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I’ve been thinking about the urge to scale things lately – see here and here. I understand the concern with being able to effect big

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In moving house, I radically downsized my collection of books which I can highly recommend. I used to think I’d one day find a reason

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Thanks to my Improvisation friend Kelsey Flynn I rambled into a letter cited in Margaret Cho’s Blog (go to Letter #1): Lately it seems like

Who says fun is dangerous?

I wanted to share this email doing the rounds this morning… AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE After every flight Qantas pilots fill out a form called a gripe

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Suddenly there’s another John Moore marketing blog. I realise I’m a bit of an addict for this, but this latest is not mine. It’s produced

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Johnnie Moore

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My friend Jon Husband writes about the turbulence caused to traditional ways of managing by networked people: Knowledge power and an historic shift in work and organizational design I was

Johnnie Moore

Write your own story

Dave Pollard keeps a great blog. I enjoyed this post on what he’s doing to “be the change” in his life. Sets a pretty high standard.

Johnnie Moore

links for 2006-05-08

Fiat invites customer input to new car design Reuters reports sceptically on this exercise in customer engagement. Found via Stephan Liute’s newsletter. (tags: marketing opensaucelive opensourcemarketing participation branding) —–