What’s a community anyway?

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Interesting post by Jame at Community Guy: What is community? Here’s a snippet

People often think that blogs, forums wikis, and other tools are community. In actuality, those tools are just that – tools. They can help you to build community, but they aren’t actually “community”. When we talk community, we’re simply talking about an interaction, a connection. Blogs or forums are a way to initiate and sustain that interaction.

Hear, hear.

Much of the problem with debates like this are over definitions. I quite like this offering by Jake:

A community is a group of people who form relationships over time by interacting regularly around shared experiences, which are of interest to all of them for varying individual reasons.

I especially like the broadness allowed by shared experiences. I think there’s a trap where we assume a community has a single shared purpose; they often don’t.

UPDATE: There’s a lively debate on the same topic over at Brandshift.

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