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Johnnie Moore

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James has posted a bit more info about our planned workshop

sauce.jpgJohnnie Moore and I are holding Open Sauce workshops in London for companies interested in exploring marketing in a networked world.

We will clear the mists surrounding the world of blogs and consumer generated media (which I know many UK marketeers find completely bemusing) and tackle some of the bigger issues involved in the growing world of open source marketing which you can read about here, here and here.

The sessions will be fun, practical and easy going. There will be lots of case studies from the US (where even the head of GM writes a blog) and some exercises designed to help you add a little bit of Open Sauce to your next marketing plan or brief.

We’ve pencilled in the first for 17 February in the morning but we’ll take reservations once we’ve finalised a few details. And we’ll both be blogging our experience of creating and running it.


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