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I see that two weeks today, on the 26 April we’ll have a chance to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day.

WIPO, the inventors of this, says this year’s theme is encoraging creativity. So I’m disappointed by the lack of it in their list of proposed celebrations. In the UK these are the publication of a survey (sigh), two information booklets (yawn), a teach-yourself intellectual property book (enough books, ed) and an e-newsletter (zzzz). Oh and a propaganda site for kids, which is “coming soon”.

Oh dear how dull.

How come Woolworth aren’t stocking TM bunting? Where are the greeting cards with silly rhymes like “An Intellectual Property Day wish for you, You stole my ideas so I’m going to sue”)? Where are the jolly Santa-like characters going round cheerfully slapping copyright stickers on stuff?

Why do I have a sneaking feeling that the real celebrations will be among wealthy lawyers in exclusive restaurants?

I’m free that evening and I’d like to find a fitting way to mark the day. Something jolly. All suggestions welcome.

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